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Your teeth are precious and protecting them is the paramount aim of dental care providers. The teeth take biting loads, bacterial invasion and are subject to varying temperatures. These conditions can sometimes put a tooth in danger by causing decay or damage. When a tooth is badly decayed or injured, a dentist repairs and restores it such that it remains protected and does not fall out. Dental crowns are prosthetic restorations that help in shielding natural teeth from danger. Our Dental Office in Corona, CA uses accurately designed dental crowns to support the functionality of natural teeth and improve oral health of our patients. They are used as caps to cover the damaged natural teeth. If you have a decayed or damaged tooth, contact our office to meet our dental professional and we will ensure that your healthy smile is restored.

The need for dental crowns

There are many cases where a dentist can use dental crown to protect natural tooth. They may also be used over dental implants to replace lost tooth. The prosthetic restoration is fabricated to match the appearance of natural tooth crown. It not only acts as a shield to protect weak tooth but also supports its biting and chewing functions. Following are some of the cases where our dentist may suggest dental crowns and supports for Dental Implants too.

  • A tooth with infected pulp may have to be repaired and restored using dental crown
  • A tooth with a large filling may need dental crown to avoid further damage
  • A tooth, which is broken into pieces, can be fixed using appropriate bonding materials and restored using dental crown
  • Dental crowns can cap severely discolored teeth or misshapen teeth, serve the purpose of Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental crowns – Restoration procedure

Your first visit to our practice will involve thorough oral examination. Our dentist checks the damaged/decayed tooth and takes necessary steps to repair/restore it. The placement of dental crown takes place in two stages. The first stage is where the tooth is prepared and a temporary acrylic crown is capped over it. In the second stage, the permanent crown is fixed over the tooth.

Tooth preparation is done with the help of local anesthesia. This is when some portion of the tooth is removed in order to give space for crown placement. The dentist takes impressions of prepared tooth and fabricates an acrylic temporary crown. This can cover the prepared tooth until the next dental visit. The fabrication of final crown may require about 10 business days. The dentist suggests a particular type of crown based on the tooth that is being restored. The second visit will involve removal of temporaries and cleaning the tooth to cement the permanent crown over it. Patients can get the best out of dental crowns for at least 10 years when proper care is taken to maintain oral hygiene. Dental Crowns spport for Dental Implant and to replace the tooth which has gone under Endodontic treatement.

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