Root Canal Treatment Corona CA

Root Canal Treatment Corona California

Natural tooth structure comprises of different components namely enamel, dentin and the pulp. Each of these components has specific functions in the tooth structure. When a tooth is decayed or damaged, there may be structural changes that can threaten its existence. A dentist repairs/restores decayed/damaged natural tooth to make sure that it is protected from the danger of falling out. When the pulp of the tooth is infected, the dentist takes steps to remove the pulp and safeguard natural tooth. Endodontics is the branch of dental medicine that is dedicated to studying problems with pulp, which is the innermost component of natural tooth. Root canal treatment is the procedure that is performed to cure the tooth with infected pulp.

Our Corona Dentist has several years of experience treating general dental problems. Root canal treatment is one of the procedures we perform in Corona, CA to protect the natural tooth of our valuable patients. Speak to our dentist to know more about how the treatment takes place.

Infection of tooth pulp

Enamel is the top-most layer of natural tooth which is followed by dentin. The pulp comprises of nerves and blood cells. It supplies nutrition to the tooth and helps in its healthy growth. When a tooth is injured or decayed, the bacteria can come in contact with the pulp and cause infection. The infection can spread to the root of the tooth and cause problems to supporting structure. The decay may spread to other tooth and cause the tooth to fall out.

Root canal procedure in Corona CA

Although pain and swelling are some common symptoms, only a dentist can perform thorough oral examination to identify if a pulp is infected or not. X-rays are taken during the process. Once our dentist finds out that root canal treatment is necessary, he explains the same to the patient and receives his/her approval. The treatment is performed with the help of local anesthesia.

The tooth is isolated using a rubber dam and decayed part is removed with the help of dental instruments. An opening is made in the tooth using Waterlase®. The infected pulp is removed and the root canal is cleaned using dental file. The root canal is then sealed and the tooth is filled using appropriate filling materials. The dentist finally uses a Dental Crowns Corona CA to cap the repaired tooth. Instructions are given to patients on how to care for the tooth after the procedure. Endodontics save your natural tooth along eith natural smile and functionaity

Frequently Asked Questions - Endodontist Corona, CA

An Endodontist is a root canal specialist in the treatment of infected dental pulp. They actually follow endodontic therapy to treat the infected pulp, nerves and protect from further damaging the tooth.

The procedure of root canal therapy is as follows:

  • Step1: Initially, our endodontist provides anesthesia into the jawbone to avoid pain
  • Step2: Next, we will drill on infected tooth and removes the infected pulp tissue
  • Step3: The tooth will be cleaned properly and disinfected
  • Step4: Filling the canals and rebuilding the tooth

To know more information on root canal therapy, please Call Dr. Singhal at Singhal Dental Inc. in Corona California and make an appointment.

Root Canal Treatment in CA causes little pain and slight discomfort but, Endodontic treatment will be done under anesthesia to the surrounding area of the jawbone and it makes your infected tooth numb. This helps to treat the root canal easily without causing much pain. Our Endodotists prescribe proper medications to reduce your pain and get back to you to your routine.

The main causes of the root canal are:

  • A severe cavity inside the tooth
  • Extremely Cracked tooth
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Plaque Buildup on tooth
  • Severe Gum Disease and Sensitivity

An Estimated time for root canal treatment takes usually 1-2 hours. But in severe condition, root canal treatment takes 1-2 appointments to treat properly based on your health condition.
If you need more information about root canal treatment and other Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure time, please call our Endodontist Dr. Singhal at Singhal Dental Inc. in Corona, CA and clarify your doubts.

Root Canal Teatment Corona CA

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